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WI-FI Solutions and Network Cabling.

Benefits of a Professionally Installed Wi-Fi network.

With a home network installed by A1 Digital Systems you can be confident that your devices are performing exactly as they should be. The more users and devices that you have on your network, the further your bandwidth must stretch to connect to them all. With a professionally installed network, you can enjoy fast internet on every device, in every room.

If you have a home cinema or your household uses multiple devices for streaming, gaming or downloading, you could be stretching your network beyond its capacity. With a network of access points discreetly installed around your home, you can be confident that your signal is being delivered to where you need it, when you need it.

If your home has any of the following devices, then you could benefit from a super-fast network of professionally installed access points in your home:

Gaming PCs and consoles

Internet-enabled smart TVs

Alexas and other home assistants

CCTV systems with integrated WiFi

Sonos or other wireless speakers

Smart home solutions

Additionally, if you are working from home in a garden or attic office, you could benefit greatly from a professionally installed home WiFi network. The bandwidth boost to these difficult to reach areas will ensure that you can be as productive as possible, without annoying delays. With our specialist installations, you can reap the benefits of full WiFi coverage and flawlessly working devices throughout your home

Wi-Fi Installation For Your Garden or Outbuilding

If you have a garden outbuilding, you might use it for many things – like working from home, following online fitness classes or maybe even just streaming music or films in peace. However, these are all uses for which access to reliable Wi-Fi can be imperative.

Of course, your home probably already has its own Wi-Fi network – but you could find that its signal doesn’t quite reach the outbuilding or, if it does, is much weaker than it is in the main building. Fortunately, you can still give your outbuilding its own Wi-Fi access.

We are skilled in implementing a wide range of online connectivity solutions for garden outbuildings. We could install a point-to-point link, a mesh network or a wireless access point (WAP) to let your outbuilding piggyback off the home’s main connection.

Which of these solutions you should choose will be influenced by various factors, including the outbuilding’s location and how you intend to use the Wi-Fi. However, don’t worry about potentially feeling daunted, as we can talk you through all of the options at a free consultation.

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