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Looking to receive the latest in free digital tv entertainment? Then the new BBC & ITV Freesat system could be the answer.

Whether it's the best of free digital TV or radio channels you want, or breath-taking high definition (HD) subscription-free, Freesat gives you the lot.

Freesat has over 200 digital channels and services, including TV, radio and interactive. And because innovation is at the heart of freesat, The software will keep your digital box automatically updated with any additional channels and services - with no need to retune.

Subscription-free HD means something a little extra special on top - incredible colour, amazing sound and crystal clear images. So when you're watching live sport, it'll feel like you're right there on the sidelines. And when you turn on the latest drama, you'll feel like you've stepped on to the set.Looking to receive the latest in free digital tv entertainment? Then the new BBC & ITV Freesat system, which was launched Spring 2008 could be the answer!

The new Freesat system has been developed to provide greater network coverage for the UK, with approximately 98% of all UK households being able to receive the digital satellite signal, and will provide digital viewing for those who are unable to receive the current Freeview TV signal. Furthermore, Freesat will provide super fast digital text and enhanced digital interactivity, with access to the latest local, national and world news, and even live sports results and the local weather!

To help you make the most of what you want to watch, the new Freesat digital satellite system will have a built in TV programming guide, providing you with up to date listings of when your favourite tv shows are on. There will also be digital subtitles and audio description available. Freesat Provides:

  • Upto 200 FREE Digital TV Channels
  • Free High Definition TV Channels
  • 200 Free Digital TV Channels 
  • No Monthly Freesat Subscription or Charges
  • BBC iPlayer On Your TV 
  • Free Direct Recording Of Your Favourite Television Shows (Freesat+ PVR Required)

A1 Digital Systems are able to provide all your Freesat requirements from installing a complete system or simply supply and installation of a satellite dish to your existing Freesat receiver.

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